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 Drone Aerial Photography in Sydney

Looking to get a quality, breathtaking shot or footage from above?


Droneworks Australia can provide drones for cinema, documentary and photography services. Our custom built Multi-rotor Drones/UAV's are equipped with the latest technology ensuring a safe and reliable shoot. They are all equipped with a 3 axis stabilised gimbal, providing quicker and more cost effective options to traditional equipment e.g. booms, jibs, cranes, dolly's and full size helicopters.


Our crew are highly experienced pilots and aerial camera operators with years of film and aviation experience. Our Multi-rotor drones/UAV's can be easily transported and the time required to set up is minimal. The equipment that we use is capable of carrying cameras ranging from Go Pros to 4k Blackmagic Cinema, so no matter what you’re looking for, if you’re around Sydney and Newcastle we are sure to be able to assist!


With such a wealth of knowledge in drone aerial cinematography and photography, you can be sure you’re in good hands when you come to us. We will work with you and cater for any budget you have set, whether the requirements are for cinema and broadcasting in HD or web based applications. We even assist with video production, and have a wealth of experience in the industry. The MOVI gimbal hire is also available.


Unable to inspect an asset or infrastructure because it’s simply inaccessible? We are here to help with that, too. Our asset inspections service brings technology to new heights, giving you a safe way to view hard-to-reach areas.


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 Asset Inspections

Droneworks Asset and Equipment Inspection service is an efficient and safe method for the management of assets, equipment and infrastructure. Read more

 Real Estate Aerial Photography & Video

Droneworks Aerial Photography and Video service can create quality aerial stills and videos to market your next property. Whether you're after aerial stills to show a property's location or require a complete video marketing solution to showcase the interior and exterior of the property.


Experienced in video production and having our own production facilities allows Droneworks to produce a high quality and creative product with quick turn around times so you can get that property on the market sooner.


Droneworks also provides services to:-


                            - Architects

                            - Engineers

                            - Project Managers

                            - Builders


Contact us to discuss your next project.

 Video Production

Droneworks Australia offers Video Production, using the latest digital camera equipment including Aerial Photography with our custom built Drones.  Droneworks can produce creative productions for all types of budgets. Read more


The Freefly Movi 5 is a hand held 3 axis digital stabilised camera gimbal, so advanced it re-defines the possibilities for camera movement, making it an alternative to the steadicam.


Faster set up times, allow crews more creative freedom, creating possibilities for camera movement that was unachievable in the past.


Configuration options include solo operation, or the camera can be remotely controlled by a second operator with a choice of cameras up to and including the Blackmagic 4k Cinema.


You can walk with it, run with it, put it on a bike, the options are endless and yes it even flies on our heavy lift Octocopter drone to continue the smooth action in the air.

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