Revolutionary Sydney Drone Asset Inspections

Finding it difficult or even impossible to examine the entirety of a piece of equipment or infrastructure? If humans could fly, we’d be out of business. As that’s not the case though, our drone asset inspection is the perfect answer to solving this issue. We are able to find areas that would otherwise be nigh on impossible to reach, relaying the feed back to you in HD giving you footage as if you were there yourself.

Droneworks Asset and Equipment Inspection service is an efficient and safe method for the management of assets, equipment and infrastructure. With our Drone/UAV's, difficult to access infrastructure can be inspected efficiently and safely, often with little disruption to current operations and with minimal setup time. The Drones/UAV's are fitted with high definition cameras which enable crews real time viewing, with 17 x zoom stabilised lenses that allow detailed inspections of equipment.

Our purpose built asset inspection Drones/UAV's are equipped with protective shrouds around the propellers which reduces the risk of injury or damage, and our pilots have such a large amount of experience that we will no doubt go above and beyond your expectations. We are passionate about what we do, and the praise we have received from previous clients backs up the knowledge we hold that our services are first-class.

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Please feel free to take a look at our portfolio of past photography works, to better gauge what we can do.

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